Edugames is a NZ company established in 2006 by David and Margaret Allis. Edugames manufactures and distributes educational games in NZ & overseas.

Kiwi Quiz was the first exciting game released, & has been hugely popular around NZ. Kiwi Quiz won the Teachers Choice Award in 2011 & the Children’s Choice Award in 2010 (NZ Games Association). Kiwi Quiz was soon followed by two other great educational games, Time Zone, and Brit Quiz.

In 2009 our fourth game was released, a travel game called Discover NZ, packed with beautiful photos of NZ & quiz questions for the whole family. Discover NZ has been widely popular in retail stores around NZ because its beautiful photos & small size make it the perfect car journey game or family gift. In 2011, Discover NZ was translated into the Maori language (Discover NZ in Te Reo Maori). Thanks to Kings Trust, the game is now being used as a Maori language resource in many schools around NZ.

In 2011, our latest game was released to stores in NZ – Discover Wildlife. With it’s beautiful photos and hundreds of quiz questions, Discover Wildlife is a great game for families & classrooms. It’s compact size also makes it the perfect travel game.

Our games are available to purchase in many retail stores including Paper Plus, Whitcoulls, as well as online on this website.


Edugames is owned & operated by David & Margaret Allis, based in the lovely suburb of Devonport (Auckland).

David & Margaret have been involved in a wide variety of activities, including education, charitable work & business. Their other main business is Barcodes Ltd, and until recently they were also selling unicycles through their home-based unicycle store (UNIcycle Shop NZ).

With 6 children aged 10 to 25, David & Margaret know the value of education.  They have spent years playing a wide variety of games with their children – so they know what works & what doesn’t work.  Their love for NZ & educational games has led to the development of Kiwi Quiz, and Time Zone.  Their involvement with local schools (their children are currently at Primary School,  Secondary School, & University) & involvement with school fundraising & service on School Boards of Trustees led to the development of Kiwi Quiz & Time Zone, and also Fair Play which provides equipment for school fairs & galas. Several years ago David developed a website to help schools & charities with their fund raising activities – Fund Raising Ideas.

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