Discover NZ


A NEW Educational Quiz Game

Discover NZ is a new educational card game designed & made in NZ to support the NZ School Curriculum.  Designed for adults & children from Primary age upwards, Discover NZ combines education with the fun & excitement of a game. 

Discover NZ is a uniquely NZ game, with 100 cards & 400 questions – ALL about NZ.  These questions aren’t trivia, but are good general knowledge questions from a range of areas.  The questions are set at 4 different levels – so that anyone from Primary School age upwards can play.

Discover NZ has 100 beautiful photos of NZ – this makes it an attractive gift for NZers and visitors alike. This is a great game for travel & home, revealing some of the wonder of NZ.

Discover NZ is designed for both travellers & tourists – it makes a great gift, souvenir, or family game.

“Hello, We bought the Discover NZ travel pack card games…. We love the game, the cards are so much fun! Thanks” (Mariana B, Palmerston North, email dated 16/12/2011)

The New Educational Quiz Game Discover NZ is:

–     Designed & made for NZ
–      Broad range of questions about relevant topics
–      Not Trivia – but good educational material
–      400 Questions & Answers on 100 cards in a convenient box
–      100 beautiful photos of NZ
–      Extra interesting information is included with the answers
–      4 different levels of challenge
–      Ages: 8 to 108
–      Players: 2+ (& can be played in teams, used as class quiz, tests etc)
–      Designed so adults & children can easily play together
–      Supports the NZ School Curriculum
–      Full instruction on how to play, plus suggestions for other methods of play

Topics covered include:
History ,  Geography ,  Sports ,  Birds,  Animals,  Fauna,  Politics,  Famous people,  Music ,  Māori,  Film,  Place Names,  Literature,  Climate,  Business,  Art,  Technology,  Disasters,  World First’s,  Quotes ,  Music,  General Knowledge

–      Provide an opportunity for adults & children to have fun and learn about NZ
–      Improve general knowledge about NZ-     Develop an appreciation of NZ’s uniqueness, bringing out a sense of interest & pride in NZ


Buy Discover NZ ($24.00 each incl. delivery)

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