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“Last week we bought an Edugames Kiwi Quiz. It has been great fun and we have a challenge each evening after dinner to see who can get the 4 questions on a card correct” (Jan W, Invercargill, letter dated 22/11/11)

“The Kiwi Quiz is a wonderful game suitable for children and adults.  We are also keen to use it in our school as great brain break exercises for senior children, helping extend their NZ general knowledge with short, concise information about the answers.  This looks like a ‘must’ for every senior classroom.” Aaron Kemp, Principal, Vauxhall Primary School

DISCOVER NZ (English):

“Hello, We bought the Discover NZ travel pack card games…. We love the game, the cards are so much fun! Thanks” (Mariana B, Palmerston North)

“I have just discovered your range of games – bought Discover NZ last week and have been looking at Time Zone & Kiwi Quiz on line.  I just wanted to thank you for such great games!  I am looking forward to sharing these with family and friends.  I hope to purchase more of these in the near future, and I look forward to what else you may come up with.  Fantastic Stuff” (Neroli A, Otago)

DISCOVER NZ (Te Reo Maori):

“Kia ora. This resource looks awesome and its great to find another resource done in Te Reo Maori which is sometimes a struggle for Kura Kaupapa” – Merlene Williams, Whanau Tahi School

“Pukehou School is just loving using this resource and we really appreciate your support in this tough economic climate where every dollar  accounted for and stretched!” Jenny Prebble, Pukehou School

“Just a short note to express our appreciation for your gift of these resources.  It is hard to find games in Te Reo Maori so your tautoko of the kaupapa to us is priceless. ” – Stuart Kawau (Principal), Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Tupoho


“Really impressed with [Brit Quiz] – It’s perfect for a 10 minute game or one that goes on for hours – Both mine and my children’s general knowledge has improved since playing the game. Can’t recommend it highly enough. “ HomeEddin, 15/09/2011, on Amazon.

“We are all mad on English history, always watching historical programmes and both our boys love to read about the history and events in the past – As a family we enjoyed playing [Brit Quiz] and it has now become a regular game we get out when we are entertaining – we will certainly be playing [this game] with guests this Christmas.”  Louise Mills; mother of Charlie & James aged 14 & 16 Years.

To see a video review of Brit Quiz by Bizziebaby  look here.

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